Daughters of Emmonak

Documentary Short

Daugthers of Emmonak is a documentary film about a Yup’ik Eskimo woman, Lenora “Lynn” Hootch, working to bring an end to domestic abuse in her rural village of Emmonak, Alaska. In 1982, Lynn opened the Emmonak Women’s Shelter to provide a safe place for women and children from surrounding villages. Lynn has dedicated her life to reclaiming her people’s culture and traditional values as alcohol, drugs, and violence have torn through her community. Daughters of Emmonak brings these powerful stories to the fore, highlighting Lynn’s dream of a future where her grandchildren will walk the streets without fear.

Daughters of Emmonak was used by the United States Department of Justice for trainings on sexual violence
It was also shown at the National Congress of American Indians: Task Forced on Violence Against Women in Anchorage, Alaska.

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